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Hyphen Group is a boutique consultancy offering health and IT strategy solutions.


Evolving health ecosystems and economic shifts present challenges in improving care quality, access, and cost efficiencies. Healthcare reforms and advancing technologies add complexities for organizations serving patients, providers, and building healthcare delivery networks.

We partner with you to surpass these challenges. Together, we build forward-looking capabilities for improving care quality, widening access, and navigating the changing health landscape.


Matching organizational capabilities with strategic goals is key to creating impact and sustaining value. Strategic growth planning and smart investment paired with strategic cost reduction positions organizations to respond effectively to market and industry shifts.

We work with public sector organizations and innovative private sector clients looking to create market adjacencies in areas with public sector impact. Our approach examines strategic goals in the context of organizational initiatives and provides a clear path to achieving results.


Smart solutions and measured adoption of technology innovations provide organizations with clarity and insight by streamlining the flow and volume of their information, and improves the quality, efficiency, and agility of their service delivery networks.

We focus on providing organizations with a way to make sense of large amounts of disparate data so they can focus on tackling their complex mission-related issues. Our services help sort out the technical problems and information overload – with smart, rapid, and efficient results.